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Premium Quality Festoon Lighting For Residential And Commercial Use…
Instantly Enhances The Appeal, Charm And Beauty Of Your Outdoor Entertaining Area
If you want to use festoon lights to create a beautiful outdoor area for special events, parties, patrons, gatherings with friends, or even romantic evenings, then this page will show you how.

Here’s the story…

Light is the one critical element that has a big impact on how your outdoor area looks of an evening. And that’s why it’s important we get the right festoon lights for your space. More about that in a minute, but first let me introduce the two festoon lighting options you have available:

Here’s 5 Steps To Help You Choose The Right Festoon Lighting Product From Our Range:

1 Festoon Lighting Is Mood Lighting:

Super-bright piercing the back-of-your-eyeballs isn’t mood lighting. The light should create a calming ambient look and feel in your outdoor area. A charming warm white 1-4Watt dimmable LED bulb does this for you.

With dimmable bulbs you can control and get the perfect amount of light in your outdoor area.

2 Avoid Turning Your Outdoor Area Into An Insect Hangout:

Insects love the heat halogen and other bulbs produce, in packs of billions they fly towards halogen and other bulbs. LED bulbs don’t produce heat for the insects, last year’s longer, use little power, and look beautiful and stylish.

3 Purchase With Longevity In Mind:

You should get years, and years, and years of use out of your festoon lights. However, many festoon lights on the market aren’t made to achieve this. In order to keep cost low and sell at lower prices they use cheap inferior parts that aren’t made to handle harsh outdoor conditions.

With premium-quality commercial grade festoon lighting made for Residential and Commercial use, you can leave your festoon lights out permanently, the sun can beat down on them, it can pour down rain and you’ll get longevity out of them because of the premium parts and materials.

4 What Distance Are You’re Running Your Festoon Lights?

This distance is important because depending on which system you get 24V Low Voltage or 240V depends on how many meters you can run in one run. We’ll talk more about the two systems and which is best for you soon.

Distance wise…

For Smaller Runs: Of 20-120m you can run both 24V and 240V in one hit.

For Bigger Runs: You may have a run of 160m+ of festoon lighting. To do this on 24V low voltage, we’d need to power it from two spots, or both ends, or run it as two separate systems which is easy to do. 

To do 160m in 240V it could all get run in one run and powered from the one spot.

For bigger runs and set-ups just ask me and I’ll help you work it all out.

5 Access The Area You Want Hang Your Festoon Lights:


Because this will help determine what’s the best, and safest festoon lighting system for your area.

We have two Festoon Lighting Systems 24V Low Voltage and 240V.

Here’s a couple of things to access in your area…

  • If you were hanging your lights over a pool, in a public place, you have a lot of trees around, or the lights could bang-up against something in high winds. Then the 24V Low Voltage Festoon Lighting system with Shatter-Proof LED Bulbs made from a tough clear PVC may be the best and safest way to go.
  • If you’re area is relatively protected, you’re not to concerned about intense storms from time to time, and you love glass bulbs, then the 240V system may be the best way for you to go.

We’ll talk more about these two Festoon lighting systems the beautiful bulbs and which system is best for you…

How You Get The Best Lighting Effect
For Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

Beautiful ambient lighting in your outdoor area comes down to the type of bulb used.

If the light is too bright, it shines in your eyes all night which annoys you and your guest. And lights that are too bright detract from your entertaining area.

Festoon lights are about creating ambience with softer light. A warm white 2200K does this.

If you’re like most of my customer and want to set the right ambience for your space you’ll probably want to dim the lights down low, or up brighter when you need to.

That’s why our LED party lights are dimmable… so you can have the perfect amount of light depending on the event and space.

The Details For The 24V Low Voltage And 240V Commercial Grade Festoon Lighting Cables

Festoon Cables Join Together
You can join Festoon cables together for longer runs. The cables have built-in water-proof joiners, how they work is you simply push festoon cables together and do up the thread for a water-proof seal.
UV Resistant Cable
The sun is hot, damaging and intense in Australia, so this Festoon cable is UV resistant.
Water-Proof Rated
You can leave these Festoon lights up permanently because they're Water-Proof Rated and designed to last in harsh outdoor conditions.
E27 Sockets
The sockets in all Festoon cables are E27 screw in which makes it safer when putting lighting overhead.
Dimmable LED Filament Bulbs
All our LED lights are dimmable so you can turn them down low for the perfect amount of light for your home or party.
Commercial Grade
Made using heavy-duty, UV resistant, high-quality parts and materials, you can confidently use these lights in residential and commercial settings.
Fun Stylish and Beautiful
You’ll get even more enjoyment out of your outdoor entertaining area when sitting under these beautiful Festoon lights. They instantly transform outdoor areas into comforting and liveable spaces long after sunset.
The Light Socket Spacings
The light sockets on the 20m and 11m Festoon cables are spaced at 900mm apart.

We have a second type of 20m Festoon cable with 500mm spacings. (Available in 24V only)
The 240V festoon cable plugs directly into a standard power point.

The 24V low voltage festoon lights need a 24V Transformer. The transformer plugs into a power point, then the festoon cable plugs into the transformer.
(Transformer sold separately. See 24V page for details) 
Made To Australian Electrical Standards
All our lights have been tested in a lab to Australian Electrical standards. They passed and meet Australian Electrical Standards. So you know they are safe to use.
20m Festoon
There are 20 light sockets spaced over 18m's then a 2m power cord. Total length 20m.

We have another style of 20m Festoon cable with 40 light sockets spaced 500mm apart over 20m, with a 2m power cord. Total length 22m. (500mm spacing only available in 24V low voltage)
11m Festoon
There are 10 light sockets spaced over 9m's then a 2m power cord total length 11m.

The 240V LED Bulbs

There are three styles of 240V LED bulbs to choose from.
2-Watt Dimmable LED Filament Bulb Warm White 2200K
Size G45 – Size of a golf ball / 200 lmns 
/ Made from Glass
2-Watt Dimmable LED Filament Bulb For Outdoor Use Warm White 2100K
Size A60 – Size of your normal old school halogen globes / 200 lmns / Made from Glass
4-Watt Dimmable LED Filament Bulb Warm White 2200K
Size ST64 – Modeled on an Edison Vintage bulb
/ 285lmns / Made from Glass

The 24V Low Voltage LED Bulbs

There are three styles of 240V LED bulbs to choose from.
Dimmable 6-Head LED Bulb Warm White 2200K
Size G45 / 70lmns / Made from Shatter-Proof PVC
Dimmable LED Filament Bulb Warm White 2200K
Size G45 / 2 Watt / 120lmns / Made from Shatter-Proof PVC
Dimmable LED Filament Bulb Warm White 2200K
Size ST64 / 4 Watt / 230lmns / Made from Shatter-Proof PVC
Dimmable Coloured LED Bulbs
Size: G45 / 1Watt / Made from Shatter-Proof PVC

240V  Video

24V Low Voltage Video

Which Is The Best Festoon Lighting System For Your Outdoor Area The 24V Low Voltage Or 240V?


As you now know, the main difference between the two festoon lighting systems is the voltage, and the bulbs, glass v shatter-proof PVC.

If you’re area is protected, bulbs can’t bang against anything in high winds, and there’s little to no chance of bulbs breaking over people’s heads, then the 240V system will work for you.

If you’re area gets high winds, or you’re at all concerned about some 20-500 bulbs overhead, and the idea of Shatter-Proof bulbs and low voltage sounds safer to you, then the low voltage system will work for you. It’s a bullet-proof system.

If you need more help choosing the best system for you, simply call or email me and I’ll help you out.

Would You Like Some Expert Help And Advice
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Over the last 5 years we’ve helped thousands of homeowners and resorts light their space. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky working out the best light spacing, light colour and what you’ll need to get the lighting effect you want.

To help you out here’s what we done. We have a customised lighting service, which is usually $80, but for a limited time, it’s Free.

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Now You Can Instantly Transform
Your Outdoor Entertaining Area…

And it’s so easy to do when using the right lighting.

We guarantee you’ll love your newly lit outdoor entertaining area and the feel of the beautiful ambient lighting.

Festoon lights made using Premium Commercial Grade, UV Resistant, Water-Proof and long-lasting Materials… so you always have a beautiful outdoor entertaining area.

It’s An Investment For Your Entertaining Area You Make Once

These beautiful high-quality Festoon lights will transform your home outdoor entertaining area. Sit back with a drink with family and friends, and look forward to that next party in your perfect outdoor space.

Shop for your beautiful new Festoon Lights online with free shipping Australia wide.

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