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LED Pool Lights

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LED Pool Lights Transformer

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“Fusion Electra” LED Pool Light

Creates A Beautiful Swimming Pool
And Outdoor Entertaining Area For You

If you want a pool a pool light that puts beautiful rich colours into your pool… is quick and easy to install… never leaks… then you just got to read this.

If you want make your pool and outdoor entertaining area beautiful, impressive and even more fun of an evening.

You’re in the right place.

That’s because the Fusion Electra LED Pool Light puts beautiful rich colours into your pool… is bright… quick and easy to install, and it’s leak-proof.

Make Lighting Your Pool Easy
And Avoid The Costly Pitfalls

Replacing your old pool light can quickly turn into a costly job with other pool lights on the market…

  • The bracket may not fit, so you have to drill into your pool wall.
  • You may have to drain the pool water.
  • You may have to drive around town and try and find extra parts to complete the job.
  • The light may produce weak, dull, boring colours.

If you’re anything like my customers you don’t want any of that.

Creates Beautiful Pools

Easy To Install, Replaces Up To 99% Of Pool Lights On The Market Without Draining Pool Water

You use your existing screw holes to install the new bracket. Then pop the light straight onto the bracket.

Our customers love how easy it is, love the beautiful colours it puts into their pool, and love the fact it’s made from a one-piece construction so it can’t leak.

This Light Is Great For New Pools
And Existing Pools Because…

  • 16 Pre-Set Colour Programs
    You get 16 different colour functions to enjoy. Main colours are Red, Green, Blue. Leave it on a straight colour… or choose a program with mixed colours… blue mixed with green looks beautiful. Simply turn the power off then on to change the colour sequence.
  • Slim Sleek Design
    The light diameter is 245mm across, and the light is slim at just 50mm width at the centre. It looks slim and stylish. This light mounts to the pool wall.
  • Beautiful Bright Colours
    This is a bright light, because it puts out 900lms of light you’ll get beautiful rich colours in your pool.
  • Energy Efficient
    Only uses between 3-33 watts of power depending on the program selected.
  • Safe 12V Low Voltage
    Meets Australian Pool Laws for 12V pool lighting so it’s safe.
  • For Chlorine And Saltwater Pools
    Approved for use in chlorine and saltwater pools.
  • Premium Grade LED’S
    You’ll get rich beautiful colours because Premium grade Edison LED SMD lighting chips and components are used. The flat face gives 180 degrees of light. 15 meter plus light beam.
  • 100% Leak-Proof Construction
    Because of the one-piece construction and resin that protects the light engine and electrical working parts. This advanced design and construction makes it leak-proof.
  • 2 Year Warranty
    Enjoy total peace of mind with a 2-year warranty.
  • Fast And Easy To Install
    All the parts are included. Simply use your existing screw holes and attach the bracket. Easy to use 2-Part heat shrink kit is included to join New Pool light to existing cable.
  • Fun Stylish And Beautiful
    You’ll get even more enjoyment out of your pool and outdoor entertaining area with your Fusion Electra Pool Light.

Check Out The Pool Light In Our
Happy Customers Pool

Have Your Pool Ready For The Next
Special Event At Your Place

Get ready to be quietly impressed and make your pool a real centrepiece for your outdoor entertaining.

It’s easy to replace your old pool light with total ease, or install a brand new pool light using the Electra 647S.

Flick on the power then sit back, relax, and enjoy your pool and entertaining area.

Place your order in total confidence, knowing you’re getting a super-bright LED pool light with a class leading 2 Year Warranty.

Peace Of Mind 2 Year Warranty

2 years warranty

Install your new pool light, use it as often as you like, turn it on when your family and friends come over for parties. In the unlikely event you there is an issue with your light due to the manufacturing of it. We’ll replace it with a Brand New Light.

It’s only fair I’m sure you’d agree, that if you damage it then that ones on you. We’ll stand behind our product for normal use and cover you with a 2 Year Warranty.

It’s Time To Take Your Pool
From Dull And Boring…

Pull Light Dull

To An Amazing Resort Style Entertaining Area That All Your Friends Will Rave About!

Pool Light from Customer

What Our Customers Are Saying About Their New Pool Lights

  • The Pool Was A Big Hit At My 50th Birthday Party
    Fiona Pool
    I would just like to say thank you for getting the light deliveto me the next day from Queensland. I was very impressed with your promptness. I had 50th birthday party that week-end and I wanted the pool lit up for this occasion and our previous pool light has been broken for 2 years and no-one could fix it.

    With you fantastic bracket and new LED light that fitted straight onto the old light we now have a beautiful new pool. It has never looked so bright and the changing light mode made the party fun.

    I have sent a photo to show you and would like to thank you again. You have a great product and you were a very professional company to deal with.
    - Fiona
  • I Am So Happy
    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to let you know I am so happy with them. When the lights are on it gives a glow 4 metres up in the air and looks like aliens have landed.

    Thanks again.
    - Paula

Here’s What To Do Next

Simply go to the top of the page and choose the option you’d like with any of the extras you want.

Once your order comes through, we’ll carefully pack it then organise for your order to get shipped out with Australia Post.

Join over 8,450 pool owners who are enjoying their stunning pool.

If you have questions or need help with the purchase of your pool light. Just email us at, or call 0416 469 017 or 1300 463 735 for immediate help.

Ben Forde

Fusion Lighting

0416 469 017

  • 16 Pre-Set Colour Programs
  • Diameter: 245mm
  • Width at Center: 50mm
  • Mounts Directly to Pool Wall.
  • Brightness: 900lms
  • Energy Usage: 3-33 watts
  • Safe 12V Low Voltage
  • For Chlorine And Saltwater Pools
  • Premium Grade LEDs
  • 180 Degrees of Light
  • 15 Meter Plus Light Beam.
  • 100% Leak-Proof Construction
  • 2 Year Warranty
The Photos Right Below Are Just A Few,
Many Pool Lights That Can Easily Get Replaced.

6 Pools Light Bracket

If You’re Replacing Your Old Pool Light
Here’s What You’ve Got To Know

  • Does Your Pool Light Mount To The Pool Wall Or Sit In A Hole?

    The Electra 647S is a Wall mounted pool light only.

  • What Material Is Your Pool Made Of?

    If you have a Concrete pool, great this is an easy fit.

    If you have a Fibreglass pool take note, you’ll need extra parts to do the job see below.

  • What Is The Voltage Of Your Current Transformer?

    You’ll want to locate your current transformer, because these lights use a 12V AC transformer if you have any other voltage transformer, then you’ll need to get a 12V AC transformer from us.

Some Frequently Asked Questions We Get

  • How Bright Are These Lights?

    One of these pool lights in a 10m long pool with a “light” colour pool wall texture, would easily light the whole pool easily.

  • How Bright Is The Electra 647S CompaTo Other Lights On The Market?

    We don’t claim to have the brightest pool light on the market. But, if my math is right… then we do have the brightest light.

    One company claims to have the brightest pool light on the market, with their light putting out 850 lumens of light.The Electra 647S, puts out 2475 lumens of light.

    A light’s brightness is measured by lumens… not watts, or the amount of LED’s in the light.

  • Why Are The Colours So Bright And Crisp CompaTo Other Lights?

    We use premium Edison SMD chips in our lights, not bulbs. The advanced technology of the SMD chips produces more light.

    Which means, they are brighter, last years longer, and deliver rich super-bright colours into your pool.

  • Is The Light 100% Leak-Proof?

    Sure is, because a special Resin compound gets poured around the electrical components during the manufacturing process.

    Notice the photo below… there are no parts that can be opened making it a complete sealed unit.

    Unboxed Pool Lights

    This Is A Completely Sealed Unit Making It 100% Water-Proof

  • How Easy Is The Electra To Fit In A Concrete, Tiled Or Pebble-Crete Pool?

    Real easy. Your old pool light bracket should be held to the wall by a couple of screws. You take the screws out, then attach the Rapid-Fit- Bracket straight on using those existing screw holes without having to drain the water.

  • I Have A Fiberglass Pool Can I Fit This Light Easily?

    Hundreds of customers have fitted it into their fibreglass pool. You’ll need to make sure you use a bit of silicon or Aqua putty around the screw holes. Just ask for special instructions at the checkout, or email us.

  • What If I Have A Fiberglass Pool But I’ve Never Had A Pool Light In It Before?

    You’ll need an extra part to bring your cable through the pool wall. Contact us and we’ll tell you if it’s possible with your current pool and it’s set up.

  • Is This Pool Light Suitable For Brand New Pools?

    Yes it sure is. Your new pool will look stunning. Get it with an 18m cable, so you can run the cable all the way to your power point and get a transformer.

  • How Do I Change Colours On The Light?

    Turn the power off then on, which changes the colour mode. Leave it off for more than 8 seconds and when you turn it back on it turns onto the last colour you had it on.

  • Can This Light Be Operated With A Remote Control?

    Yes it can, here’s how it works. We have an option to control the light with a remote control system. This system only works if your transformer gets plugged directly into a power socket. The remote doesn’t work if the transformer is hard win.

  • How Do I Join The New Pool Light Cable To The Existing Cable In My Pool?

    We use a High-Grade 2-part heat shrink kit to join the new pool light cable to your existing pool light cable. Because of the resin glue in the heat shrink it creates a water-tight seal.

    You get the 2-part heat shrink kit included.

    All you need is a heat gun to do this. If you don’t have one you can get them for low as $20.

  • Do I Need A New Transformer?

    You need a 12V AC transformer to run these lights, so if you don’t have one, yes you’ll need one. Or if your transformer is old, then just replace it. We have 12V transformers just grab one in the checkout.

  • What’s The Measurement Of The Rapid-Fit-Bracket?

    Led Pool Light Bracket Measurement

    The bracket is round and has a diameter of 220mm.

  • What Size Cable Light Should I Get On My New Pool Light?

    Get a light with a 2m cable if you’re going to join the light to your existing cable.And get it with an 18m cable if you’re going to install it in a new pool or you’re going to replace your old pool light cable.

All our products, (except light bulbs), come with Free Shipping within Australia.

We ship from our Sydney Warehouse Monday to Friday using Australia Post or TNT.

We offer a 90-day returns policy. In the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied with your new product you can send it back to us for a refund. Item Damaged Or Not Working? In the unlikely event you get your new product and it’s damaged or not working, don’t panic, we’ll sort it out for you. Just send an email to or call us on 1300 463 735 and we’ll sort it out for you.

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